09 December 2011

What Do You Do All Day? Part I

People often ask about life as a stay at home mom with wonder in their voice. I'm never quite sure where to begin because taking care of an infant is a high-paced and busy job - we do a ton! Especially since Tee's attention span at eight months isn't long - so it's busy-busy-busy from wake-up to night-night time.

Having been an early education teacher for over ten years I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I usually have about 25-35 minutes around now because it is morning naptime. That's when I sit around and eat bon-bons (KIDDING!). This week I've been rocking Tee's schedule back to later in the day so he won't be going to bed as soon as Bee gets home - he adores his time with Papa so I know those evening minutes are precious.

There he is now - naptime is over, so I'll leave you with an activity. Please let me know if you try it!


Scarves are a wonderful source of entertainment with a wide variety of use.

They can be purchased online for an incredible price or found at your local thrift shop.

Sing a song!

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