Who's that Girl?

I'm a mother, wife, daughter, & sister.

I was born a Valley Girl, but now I'm in love with the east coast.

I am obsessed with Peeps.

I collect squished pennies...you know, the kind you pay 50 cents to turn a crank.

I am addicted to make-up, indie nail polish & perfume.

If I could clean, decorate, craft & organize all the time I'd be perfectly content.

I've never flown a kite or been to a baseball game.

I once wrote a 'zine about Cabbage Patch Kids, but never printed it.

I take pictures of everything.

My role model is a cross Donna Reed and Lady Miss Kier.

I still like having pen pals.

Every night I read until I fall asleep.

I love crafting dates with my husband.

Someday my son & I will pick out a little dog to come home with us.

I'm very sentimental.

Dig it:

80's sugar pop



Pop Surrealism

Betsey Johnson handbags

 Bubble tea

Container gardening

Cooking for Bee & Tee

Crafting, crocheting, cross-stricth

Learning to use my sewing machine


Dr. Marten boots


Found objects

Garden gnomes

Gingerbread houses

Glam rock



Historical carousels

Loose leaf teas

Lucite rings


Making tattoos sparkle

New wave

Pac-man ghosts



Planted junk

Shrinky Dinking

Snowflakes and mittens


Street art and urban decay

Tea parties


Flea markets

Vintage ballerina jewellery boxes


Writing love letters to Bee

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  1. I love reading your blogs. You've inspired me to continue with mines. Be advised you had in tears reading about Little Tristan being born. ❤️


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