20 January 2012

Out On a Relative Clothesline

This was tricky - trickier than it may seem! I'd suggest doing this as soon as your little one can sit unassisted because once they can move they'll only charge straight for you, the camera, camera strap, or when all else fails maybe turn around and tug at some clothes! What's going on here, anyway?

I hadn't been using this camera much because I wasn't sure if the cord was too damaged (from soot) to transfer images to my computer. It wasn't (obviously) so I tapped much further into our past than I anticipated. It's reminded me that Tristan is still tiny (comparatively) so I should keep taking more and more pictures. It's all relative.

I took this first one half Tristan's lifetime ago next to his first preemie outfit thinking he was so big!

But here he is today -

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