23 April 2012


Tee was reunited with his crush yesterday! Britni! She came to see him in the hospital every week he was in NICU but he hadn't seen her since August. It's amazing how preemies (well, at least my preemie!) remember the people who spent a lot of time with them even if it was while they were sleeping and before they were even supposed to be born - but he seems to remember those people. No stranger anxiety at all. I'm not sure who crushes more on who - B on T or T on B. Either way, B is bringing her own little bundle into the world so T can have a playmate and I can crush on another itty bitty baby (but let's say itty starts at 7+ lbs, 'kay little one?!).

Besides catching up, Britni had come to help me perform t-shirt surgery. We have our March of Dimes walk coming up this Sunday! Please take a moment to donate a dime, if you have one to spare! We've met our goal, but there's no rule about taking it over the top. I feel particularly guilty since I was in charge of organizing protests against MOD while I was working at PETA. Maybe if I hadn't been so brainwashed I would have learned a thing or two about premature birth instead! The March of Dimes does so much to help women have full term babies.

I was really excited to finally treat myself to something from It's a Preemie Thing! It's the cutest preemie merchandise shop online and the woman who owns it rocks. Her designs are witty and darling, but since the fire we've been in such a financial crunch. I just couldn't justify buying anything from them until the walk. My only complaint is that the adult shirts are unisex (AKA men's). Nothing makes me feel less girly than putting on a man's shirt - and you have to factor in tanlines for a four mile walk! Sunscreen included, it'll still make its mark.

For such a special shirt I needed a gifted surgeon which is where Britni came in. She turned a pre-fire Lady Miss Kier shirt into something spectacular so I could trust this shirt in her hands. We laid out a pattern last night and today I sewed it together. I still have some embellishing to do and hairbows to make but this is what I have so far :)

...and speaking of the fire I brought something out to read to Tristan this morning. My pregnancy journal. Not the flashy one with all the photos and stats - that was 100% gone. These were letters I started writing to Tristan when I found out I was pregnant. When Brandon was picking through the ashes he found this soggy journal and knowing what it was he brought it to me. It was soaked so I was able to peel apart the pages and dry them out all over our new, empty living room. Parts of it were really hard to read. There was a line or two about how I hoped that he wouldn't ever remember that apartment because it was so dreary. There were more lines about how Lily would perch on my belly and keep me company while I watched shows and that her purring soothed me.

Tristan listened the whole time while playing happily in our bright, well lit living room.

I didn't cry this time, though. I looked around at how far we've come and thanked the Lord.

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