11 April 2012

Preemie Moms and Germs

germs and prematurity, fear of preemie getting sick
Ready to board the bus? Oh, I don't know, either!

Many people who know me probably think I'm somewhat of a germaphobe, however until you've had a preemie there is no room for judgement. Having your baby live in the hospital is DOOM and while I am glad when people don't get it, I might roll my eyes in my head - just a little, just quickly - if you comment on my concerns. ...but come on, of course I'm going to worry about germs! Anyway, now that April is here and all the really scary germs have gone away and Tee is one year (actual) we're on the loose! He helped me pick out some dresses in Center City as well as some alligator jammers for himself - and a giant tennis ball to play with Papa (which, much to my germaphobic horror it mostly cleans our carpets - ew!). Anyway, it was a great time and I'm looking forward to future adventures - like tomorrow, when we return all the dresses that didn't fit right! Oh well, it gives Papa the quiet he needs at home to get his schoolwork done.

While on the topic of germs, here is an episode of Invader Zim that comes to mind when the subject of germs comes up. I totally thought of it while on the bus, you know it.

However, when at home we're pretty relaxed about germs and muck. Here he is this morning - like every other morning, noon, and night, when given the chance to visit his two favorite..."toys."

STOP!!!!!! Ugh.

I still have hand sanitizer within arm's reach at all times, but..........it's for YOU! 

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  1. I'm sort of in the middle of the germ concern. I don't bother with sanitizer, but I do watch who he is exposed to and I make sure people have washed their hands at the appropriate times. He's been home for a year now and has never been sick, even when everyone in the house has been sick, so I'm sure his immune system is quite good but it's still a little worrisome when you've watched your baby fight for their life in a reasonably sterile environment and now they're in an environment that is so the opposite of sterile.


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