25 April 2012

Memory Lane

One year ago tonight -
I heard a sleepy little preemie yell,
"Learn to give me a bath!"

None of the NICU nurses had shown me how,
or even told me it was OK
for me to do something so normal.

But we don't put bath photos online,
instead we'll skip to him all squeaky clean.

Now hear, hear, little boy
because you'll never remember!
Papa used to give you your last bottle -
he'd look forward to it all day.

Cords, so many cords!
I'd get you untangled
and nestled - all ready for bed.

The very last thing before I said,
"Good night, see you tomorrow."
was place a kiss in your hand -
your teeny, tiny little hand -
then I'd close it and say,
"Save this one for later.
...when we're missing each other."

The end.

1 comment :

  1. Oh how it all seems so vivid yet so far away! I liked that we could do NORMAL things in the NICU ;)


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