29 April 2012


We had a tough call to make this morning which was made easier by the events of our night:

go, or stay home?

Tristan has a deep bronchial virus. His whole body rumbles. Last night he was up twice before 4 a.m. then coughed so hard from 4 - 5ish that it sounded like he was vomiting. I kept jumping up to check.

By morning we were all a wreck so instead we stayed home and adventured across the street instead. We wore our March of Dimes outfits and went to a science fair. Tristan pet a snake!

After less than an hour there he was wiped out. I am so glad we didn't trek all the way downtown.

I know it was the right decision, but it was hard deciding what to do.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors. We hope our mini-parade will bring a smile - and know that your donations are going to the best organization for helping babies grow full term!

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