06 May 2012

A Walk...and Pops!

After two extremely hectic weeks around here I was treated to a day of rest by my husband. I needed to sleep! With T having been sick every day has been brutal, yet now that he's feeling much better he's still clinging to late-night waking habits. It might take a while to sort this one out. I hope he doesn't get sick again for a long time because three bronchial viruses and the noro since New Year's Day have wiped us out.

Got germs?

I've got sanitizer.

The two of us went for a walk in the park while Papa went to the gym. 

The clouds parted for a while and it was beautiful! 

Then, a treat! Lil' Pop Shop is open!

Mango Sriracha (top, his) and Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk (bottom, hers)

Lil Pop Shop and cart are officially open! Click here.


  1. We might need to make a date for ice pops! YUM!

  2. For sure! It's the cutest place - and it's next to a burrito place called Honest Tom's. It's to die for!


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