20 May 2012

One Birthday Every Year!


My gentlemen took me downtown to pick out my gift. 
You've probably heard me weeping about the demise of Betsey Johnson.
How out of business is she going? I'm not sure but Betseyville is no longer listed on her website - 
and I'm assuming the bed & breakfast in Mexico is gone - the only b&b I've cared to visit.
Anyway, Brandon wanted to find me a couple treats while they're still at large so we went deal hunting!
I found this charming pinata necklace

a teal and red Betseyville bag with cherubs on it that I can't find a picture of - 

and the cutest swimsuit ever!
(not Betsey)
Which looks better on a model rather than photographed flat, but all the pictures I could find would make my entry into a swimsuit addition and that's not the point.
I just love it!

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