09 June 2012

Everybody Wants a Pretty Piece of Betsey

Today I found myself drawn to the closest Betsey Johnson boutique in King of Prussia. For the first time in the two decades it's been since becoming enchanted by her Boston boutique on Newbury Street I left the store with a bright pink bag. I had to; it was my last chance and Brandon had wanted me to have something straight from the shop for my birthday. I've always bargain-Betsey shopped via Ross, Marshall's, or Nordstrom Rack. It seems I'll be able to continue to shop that way since she isn't evaporating entirely but the shops will all be gone. No more neon star-gazing.

Boo, so sad :(

It was a sad shock to find tacky sale posters attached to her pretty florals and animal prints. I could own some vintage hardware apparently. The whole thing was too sad so I left and when my friend found me she spun me right back around and said, "Show me what you found."

There was a beautiful handbag that I'd seen online but was even more beautiful in person. I've never owned a really nice purse of hers or any designer for that matter. Betseyville, yes, but not the rich or patent leather ones. They're always too much. However all the signs said read that all things must go...even if that meant at 1/3 the original price...

It's a dream come true! Leaving with a pink bag in a pink bag in a satin bag!

Which is how I've come to own a magenta handbag from the "Tea Party" collection.

Tea Party by Betsey Johnson

It's so pretty it even came with a satin bag for it to sit in.

...and because it was on sale, too, I picked up the small Too-Too fragrance rollerball.

It lives with me now ::swoon:: pet, pet.


  1. seriously, that is an awesome purchase. deal of a lifetime! it's the perfect farewell-betsy buy to remember all of her wonderfulness and all of your memories.

  2. Sad, but I've yet to carry it anywhere. I take it out for a pet once in a while, though!


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