22 July 2012

13. Inside my hip holster/fanny pack

With a toddler it's much easier to keep items on me, but I only have so many pockets (and who likes to have overflowing pockets, anyway?). That's why I've returned to the classic, but upgraded version of a fanny pack. The one I carry was custom made by my favorite pack-company Fabric Horse. I used to use one when I rode my bicycle everywhere - which is what they're intended for, but I think it's OK with the owner if we branch out. When I had my old one replaced I requested that the u-lock strap be left off. It's waterproof and sturdy - I can't say enough good things about it! Oh wait, I can include this - if I'm out and have to turn my back on my baby bag I don't have to stress over it being stolen because everything of importance is directly on my body. This comforts me as I chase Tristan (who is also more important than a baby bag!).

These are the things that go into my pouch: flannel hanky for runny baby noses, mints, lotion, baby sunscreen (also for my tattoos!), hand sanitizer, my favorite lip gloss, T's medical cards in case of emergency, coupons in hopes of using them, my LeSportSac tissue holder, blotting paper, stuff sack, and a mirror. LOTS! Often my phone if I'm also carrying the camera.

There it goes - everything tucked away in compartments with keys on the loop.

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