27 September 2012

Don't Shoot - I'm Cute!

Tristan had a bummer of a day teething so I needed to distract him for a while. We discovered 'new' Devo and he loves it. Two songs in particular. Did everyone but me know they sang a song about Mojo Jojo? or maybe I just don't remember. They need to bring back the Powerpuff Girls. Anyway, that's not one of the two songs, but I felt like mentioning it because I liked it. His two are "What We Do" and "Don't Shoot." The whole album rocks, though.

It was totally tragic - I had to do something! This is just him listening - no video. Pitiful.

AaaaAaaa you caught me dggin' beats!

High-contrast. It's like, made for babies...sorta...

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