20 October 2012

All Hallow's Read: a Papa-son adventure!

Today I had to get my flu shot so I couldn't take Tristan to All Hallow's Read at Woodland Cemetery. How disappointing! Even if Neil Gaiman wouldn't be there himself, it's something connected to him. ...and I'm a crazy fangirl. Papa to the rescue! Hallow's Read would not be missed! What's even better, though, is that it was the first time they had a solo adventure. The thought of them off doing something so incredibly super-cool together made my heart glow!

Holding hands with Papa.

I wanted to know everything when I got home, but instead I got obscure man-details. Often those are more amusing.

"What was it like?"

"It was cool. It was in the middle of a circle of gravestones and the books were divided by age. You got to hunt for one. The mansion was open. We looked at that. Tristan's favorite part was the windows, of course. Tristan didn't like the book we picked. He threw it on the ground every time I tried to hand it to him. But it was fun. There was a librarian-looking chick in a witches' outfit with a decapitated rattlesnakes' head snowglobe...a couple other witches; pretty sure I saw a pirate. I forgot his shoes so he went barefoot. The witch said, "Barefoot with a monkey on his back! Or, is that a moose?" Neither, it's a lion! He brought it to me to put on before we left the house"

Hahahaahaha. I had to piece the conversation together a little bit, but that's what I got!

Now I present the amazing book (circa '77) that will be treasured by our family forever and ever...even if Tristan doesn't want it ever-ever-ever, but he will. I know it. It will be a special gift from Papa via me via Neil for suggesting it. Welcome to Club Dork, sweet child o' ours...

Tristan & Papa's scary book.

"Do they have zombie teeth?" Neil explains the madness.

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