28 October 2012

Inside Storm Sandy Part I

Well, here we are, Sandy. You've arrived. A light mist began to fall as I pulled this weather shot off the internet to post, but now I can see the drops are heavier against the side of the building next to us. Brandon left to go to the store again. That will be our third trip mostly because I get frightened by messages wishing me luck.

Tristan and I went to the store earlier but I realized I'm an amateur by the things I was getting. Lettuce (because we can't go a day without salad), Honeycrisps for Brandon, crackers for Tristan and the mice, the last Cabot Vanilla Greek Yogurt because it was obviously left for me. Tostados. I don't know why there wasn't a fight going on over those!

People in line were buying things like rice cakes and water. We just drink tap water here. I run it through an old Brita filter that I meant to replace before I saw that they now come in different models. I don't know what model filter my pitcher needs (probably just the standard) so it's technically chilled Schuylkill Punch. I've come to terms with that. We'll just fill our bathtub and save ourselves some money and the earth some plastic (because all of a sudden I'm an environmentalist).

Bathwater and salad.
Lime Chili Ramen.
Apples and cheese.
Diet soda.

Here we go!

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