28 October 2012

Inside Storm Sandy Part II


6 p.m. Light, but steady rain began a little while ago after a lull. Temperature dropping with little more than a breeze - but a gusty sort of breeze.

Tristan painted with new (to him) brushes and once he realized it wasn't a fork (one try) it went swimmingly. He said, "Dab. Paint. Dab. Paint." On and on...he's having a language explosion; so exciting! He used green with silver glitter on recycled tissue box cardboard now it's hanging to dry. Minimalist. He's watched "Super Why", gone through all his toys in the dining room several times, and driven around on his Bumble Tiger.

Dabbing and painting.

6:20 p.m. - Completely dark. The steady rain has not deterred the tribal drums from starting up in the neighborhood.

Tristan truly believes that the flower fly-swatter belongs in his rain boot.

9:30 p.m. - No change other than the drummer stopped. It appears that our weather forecast is changing. It used to say "heavy rain" for Tuesday but now it's just calling for showers. I guess we'll see how tonight goes. The city is shut down tomorrow.

Tristan's just drifted off to sleep and Gus is walking around doing Gus-things.

I'm about to play some Limbo. Brandon is doing homework, homework, homework.

I made about 15 lbs of pulled jerk chicken tonight in the slow cooker. Now we can have bathwater, jerk chicken, Ramen and salad. Excellent.

You keep that mouse away from me!

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