29 October 2012

Inside Storm Sandy Part III

I was up at 5:40 a.m. to feed Tristan and there was nothing - the rain had stopped and the trees were breezy but that isn't unusual. I felt sort of like a kid waiting on a winter storm but I don't really want this to happen. It's just that waiting-game feeling that's familiar.

With that I went back to sleep and when Tristan woke up around 8 a.m. to start his morning crib chatter I heard the rain with a few gusts strong enough to creak the windows. At 8:45 we snuggled in bed for an hour then I dressed him in his coziest outfit: a fleece hooded jumpsuit. Heck, I'd wear one on a day like this. Instead I have on legwarmers, slippers, and fleece pants. Practically the same thing, but in separates. There are no embroidered puns on mine, either (his has a moose with "wild life" under it).

I'm making sure everything is charged up to full force again.
I'll start water production soon.

Tristan's been playing with his foam Gabba pieces at the other end of the table and warbling to me.

We are down two Nutri-Grain bars.

I will laugh you in the eye, Sandy!

OK, maybe I'm kidding - I'll just play Gabba.

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