27 October 2012

Monster Math

This morning Tristan came running out to the Halloween candy..................to sort it. I'm quite certain this will be one of the last times he doesn't know what candy is good for. However, he knows what I do with it because he 'pretend' ate several pieces, and then threw his head back in laughter! I'm glad my sugar addiction is so hilarious. This was followed by about a half hour of organizing Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats into Jell-o molds. He'd pause and lift his arms and growl - his new monster-poise. This is also something I apparently do...usually before I chase him around the house. raWrrrrrrrrr!

He returned to the same activity later, but this time he cleaned it all up, put it on the shelf, then walked over to me and said, "Nap."

What a funny little monster.

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