03 October 2012

The Groove of Motherhood

In the movie, "Groove", there is a moment every DJ waits for: The Nod. It is the moment of thanks after the final note has spun and everyone is leaving. The DJ is usually taken for granted but at least one person will acknowledge their efforts and they wait for it - because it makes everything feel worthwhile.

I get The Nod from Tristan in some form every day. He doesn't know he's giving it, but I get it. Sometimes it's given in his sleep as I gaze down on his peaceful form from above. Other times it's a wide-mouth "awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"-kiss with his arms thrown around my neck. It might just be the expression on his face as he is shoving fistfuls of Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese into his mouth.

Tonight The Nod came in the form of a howl.

Last year, when Tristan started having dinner at the table with us, Brandon started howling at him so he'd giggle. He told Tristan we were a wolf pack and eventually I joined in. Mamma and Papa howling at their pup while he giggled away.

Then, tonight while I was doing the dishes I heard a little pup-howl come from behind me. I turned and there stood Tristan, all 30ish inches of him with his lips curved into a howl-grin and a mirthful, "Oww-wooooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo!" I howled back and called for Brandon. Tristan performed the trick he'd kept in his pocked for so long, and when he saw how pleased the rest of the pack was he threw back his head with laughter and gave a round of applause.

My whole day felt worthwhile and complete.

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