17 November 2012

Climbing Decorations and Lights

So this is what adventures look like: mega-adventures. Usually I'm close enough to home that I don't have to bring the 7.6 lb baby bag, but when we aren't just running a quick errand we do. This is a light load that I'm carrying. It was a box of presents from the Please Touch/Special Babies playgroup. Often it's an insane amount of groceries or a second hand table or dollhouse. You never know!

Tee and I went to the $tore today which is always fun for us both. We love the sweet lady who owns it and she is so good to my little guy. We picked up some Asian Christmas decorations that are so kawaii rainbows shot out of my eyeballs when I saw them. Tristan's lit up and he wanted to attack them. WIN!

I also found some light face gel for a dollar. Little did I know that light means it actually lights up! When you pick it up AND just when it's sitting there. It's the craziest soap I've ever owned! Now I want to go back and get a few more so I can make The Ultimate Sensory Bottles!

However, Brandon later outdid me by bringing home a Halloween leftover from CVS when he went to hunt for Twinkies (what a good man). I haven't eaten many Twinkies in my life, but I really wanted to get pictures of Tristan eating one. I also wanted Wonder Bread to make Wonder Stuffing on Thanksgiving. Ohh, Hostess, how dare you?

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