10 November 2012

Crunchy Leaves & Jumping Jellyfish

It was a beautiful day so we had to go to the park. Even if we lost our minds getting there...which nearly happened. I may or may not have cried. It started out with Tristan turning the white noise machine up and onto the train, then shoving it against my head to get me moving. It's effective. After breakfast and raisin-tossing we had Learning Time. Tristan was disappointed that I didn't read "Freight Train". Silly me thought he might like "Big Red Barn."

Then it was time to go...but what now? one shoe. What would he do with the other? Sometimes I have to pretend I'm in his brain; he's very logical. Oh, he probably put it in the donation bags...right? That's the most logical thing to do when you see Mamma bagging other clothes and shoes. So I dig, and dig, and keep holding up his other Baby Doc, "Shoe, Tristan, where is your shoe?" "OHhhhhhh hah yeah, no. blah blah blah." I sifted through every bag feeling sillier and sillier and almost quit on the last bag but thank goodness I didn't - SHOE!

[Meanwhile those donation people canceled on me - frustrating!]

So we get to the park, and what does Tristan see? Leaves out of place. If they aren't on the trees, they belong on the grass. So he moved them off the sidewalk. He was very proud. Then we chased each other and stomped out all our frustrations into the crunchy autumn leaves until we were laughing so hard.

Later he started a new deep knee bend & twirl dance. I think he is doing the "Jumping Jellyfish." Gabba didn't work for two days on Netflix so it was likely spontaneous withdrawal.

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