20 November 2012

Holland Came Today and Brought Jip and Janneke!

He is teething. He is tragic. I hope it pops through in the middle of the night, though I'll hear about it if it does. I didn't get him down until almost 10 p.m.! 

But! we had a super-duper-ultimate visitor today - Erika, my pen pal from The Netherlands. We met at church, and the last time I saw her was when she was leaving Penn to return home. She had to come to NICU to say goodbye so you can imagine how much bigger Tristan was this time around! It's been a long day, so we'll do this one in pictures.

Cooking table? Wow, I thought that was all a dream.

Dragon Lily Blossoming Tea for Two

Look! Jip & Janneke all the way from Holland!

It's in English! That's a novelty over there. It's hard to find J&J in English.

Tristan got this J&J book - in ENGLISH! For the first time I actually know what I'm reading. I thought they were brother and sister but they are neighbors. Hah! How 'bout that language barrier.

I did a lot of toddler-wrangling at the coffee shop but we still had fun and I only look slightly frazzled. Erika looks beautiful, though! Oh, and I learned that "coffee shops" are not quite the same thing in Holland. 

We ran three errands after coffee. He had a good nap, but woke up in PAIN! I found a new show with no words - just animals talking. It was SO annoying, but it made him giggle with joy! How can I turn that off?

You can't see me.

Tonight Tristan called, "Daddy, Daddy!" and then the watched some show they're both into called "Redwall".

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