18 November 2012

Mod Podge Door Table + Documentation Journal

fabric covered table, table made from door, mod podge fabric table
Fabric-covered table made from a door for dramatic play use!

We did a couple cool paintings today. One turkey, one done in freestyle autumnal colors. Bee will be adding details and features to them soon. He has an amazing talent. He can draw really, really well. That combined with his ability to see pictures within pictures have made for some super cool father-son art collaborations. Since I'm the one who helps Tee with the raw work I guess you could say they're an all-three-vandee collab. I like it.

I have been staring at this table made from a door by my dad to help us after the fire for so long. I wanted to do something fun with them. One has gone onto our balcony and displays my mini-urban-garden (one mum plant, but there will be more in spring!). The other is Tristan's cooking table now.

This is the messiest project I've done with Tee by far, but he was so good and into it! He helped spread the Mod Podge and then let me get the fabric down. We worked really hard and it's lovely. I just finished hot gluing the fringe at the bottom up under the table so it looks a lot neater now. I'm rearranging his toys a little bit since I need to free up a certain spot for a certain Christmas present and I think his dining room toy basket will be all cooking things - dishes, wooden spoons, spatulas, even a hot mitt from Australia with koalas.

The other noteworthy thing about today (pun-alert!) is that I finished my epic Tee-documentation journal. I got it at my wedding shower, just two weeks before Tristan was born. It's a really pretty Anthropology thing that I felt badly writing in (I always do when starting new journals, though!), but initially I needed something to keep track of how much I was pumping while Tee was in NICU, then his brady-events after discharge, diapers, how much he ate, etc. Then I stopped. When I realized I was too tired from him waking up so many times during the night to remember yesterday I started writing myself notes. So I could remember. Then I became addicted. He wakes a lot, so it's been a lifesaver to help keep track of patterns. I also jot down any firsts/his mood/what he's eating (or not eating.

Anyway, last night at midnight we'd officially finished the last spot on the page and so I brought out another journal. A Meomi super duper kawaii sort of journal (that I feel badly writing in, but I'll get in the groove!). Someone sent this to me anonymously after the fire. It came in a box of sweet, thoughtful treasures from my wishlist, but no name! So I've been left wondering if it was a mistake or they wanted to remain a mystery.

Daily journal outtakes - and meet Meomi!
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