27 December 2012

Christmastime: Then & Now

creating christmas memories with your toddler
Christmas Eve/Day 2011/12

Where does the time go? I'm growing into a seasoned mother who has infancy under her belt so I can say that phrase as I head deeper into toddlerhood with Tristan. They grow so fast! There's another one.

Last year he got his two lovies and ate paper and played with boxes. This year he went to bed with the same lovies and woke up with a squeak and burst through streamers into our livingroom. He didn't understand unwrapping but he did understand the magical changes we'd made to the room overnight and he wanted to spend at least an hour with each present we helped him open.

He STILL has two totally wrapped presents. Yesterday he finally got to his stocking which was stuffed full of handmade beanbags. We're all relaxing and enjoying Christmastime together. Brandon has been home on break (the only one he gets from work and school all year) so it's cozy and fun.

I'll be back to blogging more over the coming days and once we head into 2013 I'll hold my first give-away, so stay tuned for that!

creating christmas memories with your toddler

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