07 December 2012

Ghostbusters and Peg People

Whyyy am I not in bed? Oh, well, because my wooden peg people arrived today so I must brainstorm all the things I can do with them! I'm like a Pinterest-maniac right now! If it says wooden peg doll I say REPIN!

I'm so excited to make these for Tristan! I know he's still too little for the smaller ones that came in the package (we can use those during monitored Learning Time AKA toddler activities) but these look so fun! They're like the vinyl toys Bee & me used to design back when we had time. Except wooden, duh.

Well, in all my digging I found an Etsy seller that makes "Ghostbuster" pegs!!!!! Bee is going to FLIP OUT! He used to dress up like Egon until a few years ago...or was it Venkman? Either way, we love Bill Murray ::whispers::Bill, come to our little guy's birthday party in March!

Aren't these doll-ling? (horrible, I know, but I'm leaving it!) She's super talented so I don't expect our dolls to look like this...except maybe Brandon's...

ghostbuster wooden peg people

You can order peg people from lots of sites, but if you're on a tight budget this was the best deal I found when you took into consideration amount/quality/FREE SHIPPING! But if DIY isn't your thing, then there are obviously lots of cute Etsy sellers creating lots of cuties.

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P.S. I really, really love her "Back to the Future" pegs the most so don't miss those!

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