09 December 2012

Mouse Invasion - Help! They're Bulking Up!

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The perfect shot of irony: mice chewed through the bag to eat food residue left on the traps. FAIL.

I thought my next entry would be all about how I bested the rodents running amok in our urban dwelling. However, the joke's on me, suckah! The mice are here, and here to stay. In fact, one just walked by me right now.

It's completely true when people say if you have one mouse you have many. Go ahead. Start tagging your 'mouse' and I'm sure he'll Houdini out of that tag and you'll think, "How did he do that?" When you're actually in denial. It's a legion of mice! They're everywhere but only sending one scout out at a time - SMART!

Our tricksy little city mice got into the protein powder Bee buys in mass poundage (cheaper), and I also use it to make a variation of Cliff Bars that's addictive! It comes in a gigantic bag so we have kept it under the sink. Now it's been divided into zip-locks and put into the freezer. Our mice want to bulk up (heaven help me).

I saw some powder last week and thought, awh, Bee spilled...I'll get that later. The next day Bee said, hmm, the protein powder is leaking, Babe. THE MICE! It is not "leaking". I ran over and took it out and was reminded of that story in which a little boy tries to stop water leaking from a dam by putting his finger in one little hole...and then another...

Pretty soon our entire apartment had been turned upside down and I was cleaning in places I never knew existed - and finding holes and cracks. The cabinet under the sink had rotted out so there was no fixing that. I called maintenance which seems like the right thing to do - but in the city mice are really low on the totem pole of problems. Still, they've been very helpful and came a couple times. They've left me with a legion of traps and a small sack of steel wool.

Oops, there went another mouse. That one actually made me jump.

I always sit with my legs up on a chair now.

So. That's that, I guess. I seriously started fantasizing about adopting another cat but I'm still not ready and I am getting a dog instead (someday). Still...a mouser was sounding great until a fellow preemie parent mentioned her cat had caught a mouse in their home but hadn't killed it. It was then I realized a cat could actually make our situation a lot more colorful.

Over & out from The Rodent Hub!

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