23 January 2013

Bento Bear on Wednesday When Papa Came Home

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Hanging with Papa before bed and his Bento bear from breakfast.

Tristan is in Papa-mode something fierce. Except he currently pronounces it, aahhhh-PAH! It's really cute. If Brandon has to go to work early Tristan will search through our comforter: ahh-pah, ahh-pah? When he puts his felt face together at Learning Time he says, ahh-pah hair, ahh-pah eyyyezzz!

He got a surprise package in the mail from ahh-pah last night: an animal shaped cutter. It's adorable. It's totally kawaii. I love it. Oh, and Tristan seems to as well! The packaging was certainly fun and we talked about everything we saw in the pictures. This morning I took it for a test run on his pancakes. I'm planning on getting sticky rice molds next. If it helps this picky eater EAT I'll do it.

Today it was freezing and since yesterday we had to adventure out into it I promised Tristan he could lounge in his duckie man-jamas all day and all night. He was so cozy and happy. I think I see a new tooth but it hasn't been confirmed. His canines are still hovering on the brink and stressing him out.

This week, we are particularly proud of Papa. He will be graduating this year summa cum laude and he was just accepted into two honors programs. TWO! He is the only remote student in his school to be accepted. I'm encouraging him to apply to superb grad schools...we'll see! But as for this Wednesday, they cuddled when Papa Came Home.
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