22 January 2013

Magnetic Pom Pom Activity

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Pom-poms + magnets + hot glue

This was a fairly simple and sweet activity - and he loved it, for sure! Leave it to a toddler to find a way to turn it goofy, though...right after he had his fun (pictured) he shoved them all into the crack under the fridge (not pictured). They have been relocated to the metal bookshelves in the living room where they will be given a second chance. I taped a paper towel roll (the cardboard part - not the whole roll in case that isn't clear) to the shelf and showed him how to drop the poms down the tube so that they fall and then snap! onto the metal as soon as they come out.

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  1. Such a fun activity with the paper towel roll! A++ for Mrs. V :)


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