29 January 2013

Meet Valentine Micropreemie Twins: A & B!

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Micropreemies on Valentine's Day? Surprise! 

Meet our twin friends A (bottom) and B (top) along with their mom - a dear friend and guest blogger.

Hi, I am Melissa... Mom to micro-preemie twins A & B. 

What is a "micro-preemie" you ask? Micro-preemies are defined as those born on or before 26 weeks gestation and usually weighing less then 800 grams (1lb 12ozs) Imagine that for a second 1 lb 12 ozs. Less then a bag of sugar, not much more then a loaf of bread. Someone so tiny they literally fit in the palm of you hand, in fact the first time I held Addison I was able to cradle her in my two hands while a nurse changed her crib dressing, she was the length from the tips of my fingers to my wrist.

Addison (1 lb 10 ozs) and Blake (1 lb 14 ozs) were born at exactly 26 weeks. We know they were born early because my water broke but have no clue WHY my water broke. I hadn't even started my third trimester. Had they been born just 15 days (yes DAYS prior) there was a good chance that 1.) The NICU team would not have even attempted to sustain life and 2.) If they had attempted it, there was a good change they would not have survived. Even at 24 weeks the odds are only about 50/50.

Mircopreemies often face things like prolonged ventilator/oxygen requirements, brain bleeds, NEC, Hydrocephelous, Apena, Braycardia, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities, feeding challanges (many come home with a feeding tube, Addison did). They have a harder time dealing with things like surgery, and even common illnesses. 

Had someone told me back then where we'd be today, I would have had a hard time believing them. Many days we wondered if they were even going to survive.. But they did. And they are now thriving almost two year olds weighing more then 20 lbs each. I am even more excited to say that Addison, who came home with a feeding tube, is no longer tube fed!

I look forward to sharing more about this duo and my life as a Mom of Multiples, which each of you!

Follow the adventures of Melissa as she wrangles and loves on her precious twins over at OurValentinesDaySurprise.Blogspot.com!

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