24 January 2013

Flat Ironing Waves into Hair: Pinterest Review

flat iron braids, put waves in hair with flat iron, pinterest flat iron
Braid + twist + flat iron: click here for link to tutorial

Flat iron fun - how could I resist? I'm more of a crimper than a straightener. I have pretty thick, wavy hair anyway that I usually wear up in a twisted knot with a clip. That said, I'm not sure this had a different effect on me. Perhaps someone with thin, straight hair? Let me know if you wind up trying it! Remember to take your bands off before you run the iron over them! I was certain I'd forget and wind up with perma-bands. Thank goodness for small miracles.

The shirt I'm wearing is kind of hard to see but it is a LOVE shirt from one of my best friends over at Our Valentine Surprise. Her husband used to refer to me as Philly Girl and since I love that LOVE sign...well, she got me this rockin' shirt! I tried a new t-shirt surgery technique on it, though I'm not sure it's one I can describe. I'll have to start taking photos of my reconstructions.

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