29 January 2013

Rocket From NASA

Well, I watched the live space-webcam-broadcast of NASA preparing to shoot the rocket off Wallop's Island. It went off without any complications and launched right around 6 p.m. est. I ran and hung out the window and got red-tinted clouds. Red rocket glow? I don't know. I'd like to pretend that it is.

L/top: rocket ready R/top: launch R/bottom: NASA nerds L/bottom: space debris flying past camera on rocket CENTER: UNFILTERED red rocket cloud haze??

It's pretty amazing that I could just watch all this from my laptop. ROCKET! People...rockets are rad. I heard they got a clear view from where I used to live in Virginia. I miss the night noises there - jet-noise, cargo ships, and trains.......but no cars...not from my apartment.

Tristan watching and eating a spoonful of peanut butter. Blast off + snacks!

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