03 January 2013

Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

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Tristan opened his Leaptop on New Year's Eve!

This year we were able to get Tristan some new things which felt good. Last year we stuck with second hand (plus one new item for each of us) so we indulged a little this season. We still got everything over the big sales - that helps. He also has some pretty doting grandparents!

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with second hand toys/clothes/ANYTHING (well, maybe not EVERYTHING) there is something that feels good about being able to pick something out that's new and just what you're looking for.

I spent a lot of time working on Tristan's wish list because he's developing preferences and I want to engage that brain! He doesn't get a lot of toys outside of holidays and his birthday so the upgrade to age appropriate swag was much needed.

This year he was very interested in what he got and we let him take his time. If he wanted to play for an hour after we helped him unwrap, that was fine. He didn't make it through things like his stocking which was stuffed with handmade beanbags (handmade by ME!).

Everything was a hit, but I'll highlight a few gems:

Ikea's Kritter table and chairs: pint-sized, sturdy, and fun!
B. Hellophone: lets you program your own messages!
Learning Resources' Cupcake Sorter: fun to match and mmmmm 'eat'!
Bacon Action Figure. I'm fairly certain this was meant for Brandon.
Hape's ball/hammer/xylophone combo! Nifty.
Viking Mobiles! He's all about cars all of a sudden.
Leap Frog's Leaptop: it sends e-mails from Mamma and Papa, reminds him to update his BLOG (!) and teaches him his letters. I can retire.
Thomas the Train's Big Wheels: I foresee many park adventures on this!
From Ireland, in Irish (and three other languages): Where is Riley? My brother wanted something you couldn't buy off Amazon. WIN!

He also got a Magna Doodle (a treat from our favorite local police officer who has known me since forever and looks out for our little dude), Duplos (YEAH!), Elf on a Shelf to begin next year, and a puzzle.

Brandon also kept another tradition so that we'll never forget where we once were. Last year we were short one stocking. Two had come in two different donations after the fire but we needed a third. Brandon and I were going to skip it (we miss our old, handmade stockings from our own childhoods!) but then on the way home from work Brandon found the smallest Christmas boot on the curb. It was meant to be. Each year he'll tuck a little something into it - a papa-son thing. This year it was a tiny stuffed penguin ornament.

Being a new family is so much fun. Time really flies when you're having fun - even when you're working through some of the hardest things life can throw at you. I guess it's all in how you approach things.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season! I'd love to hear about what was under your tree...

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