15 January 2013

Under the Covers

When I first got on the internet in the early 90's I wanted to connect with other Tori Amos fans. I found a listserv of some sort called Really Deep Thoughts. I was known as The Waitress after her song - and because that was my job at the time. Slightly more original than Cornflake Girl...slightly. We all passed a tape around the country adding bootlegged versions of cover songs. I didn't have one to add because I hadn't yet seen her live (I'm at approximately two dozen shows now!). It was called Under the Covers and eventually some big bootleg company stole our stolen music and made a flashy version of it that can still be found somewhere out there.

Earlier this week I ran some errands on my own and brought my iPod and was thinking about really great covers. Here are five that came to mind.

1. Johnny Cash, "Hurt." Original by Nine Inch Nails.

2. No Doubt, "It's My Life." Original performed by Talk Talk.

3. Tori Amos, "A Case of You." Original by Joni Mitchell

4. Shiny Toy Guns, "Stripped." Original by Depeche Mode

5. Morrissey, "Moon River." Original by Henry Mancini for Breakfast at Tiffanys

What are some covers you think do the original performer justice? or, the worst?

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  1. There was a great Joni Mitchell tribute concert a few years ago. Diana Krall did a version of A Case of You that makes me choke up every single time I hear it. Cyndi Lauper did a version of Carey that finally convinced me that Cyndi Lauper has something to offer the world of music.

  2. Ouch, what a zing to Cyndi! Not even Girls Just Wanna Have Fun??!

    I will have a listen to each of these! Thanks so much for the suggestions. Esp another Case of You. That song is beautiful and I was torn between that and I'm on Fire for my Tori pick :)


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