06 February 2013

It's a Doctor Who Baby, Baby!

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Mummy? Mummy...? are you my mummy?

Our friend (who took these wonderful family photos of us) is leaving to travel around the world forever so we took a few things off her hands. Some coasters, goth hair poofies, rubber duckies, and...a gas mask. I think there is a throwing star mixed in all that but I'm a little hazy because it's all so random.

Tristan picked out an army of ducks - Elvis, bikers, princess, tux-ducks, police, Hawaiian, about 15 unique ducks. They all live under our couch now. I don't know why but if I take them out he puts them back. It's intentional. OK, Tristan.

When he was done picking out his ducks he wanted to see what was in the army bag - mask! He's no stranger to those (there is a terrible skull mask that Brandon found that he'll wear - if I show you you'll have nightmares like I do).

So now that I've started watching Doctor Who - I GET IT NOW! EMPTY CHILDREN! are you my mummy?!!!!???? Creepster kid, but we like to encourage his creativity.

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