09 February 2013

Tegan and Sara on Flashback Saturday!

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Throwback to Tegan and Sara (and ME) chillin' in '06.

Tegan and Sara's new album Heartthrob ROCKS! I love it so much that I just keep it playing on repeat. Heartthrob is also one of my favorite words that is hard to work into daily life so I'll crush on that choice.

I've been a fan of theirs for a really long time. Back when the interwebs was young I was on a tiny mailing list for a group called The Murmurs. There was a Canadian in the group and she told us about this local folk twin duo up there that were similar in style and since their first album was only available at shows she made us copies (that had to be mailed on cassettes, you know?).

Then, one amazing day, The Murmurs came to a small club called T.T. The Bear's behind The Middle East in Cambridge. Opener? TEGAN AND SARA. I remember being in a side room when they called them on stage and so I RAN into the main room screaming, YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TEGAN AND SARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except they were still peddling that one album. It was like...awkward. People turned and said in that bored who-cares-about-the-opening-band tone, "You've heard of them?" YES!!!!!!!!!! They're great!!!!!!!!

After the show I jumped up and grabbed a Murmurs poster off the door to T.T's which hung in a frame in my apartment until the day it burned down. It was pink and awesome. Who remembers going crazy for promo posters and record flats?? I know you're out there and you'll appreciate my score.

In honor of their new album and in keeping with my Flashback Saturdays theme I wanted to bring out this oldie but goodie. It comes from a photoshoot I helped out on once-upon-a-time ago. There is a back story, like any good story, but the best part is I stole a dog from my friend's apartment because the one they were using matched the couch too closely. In the end the ad ran with the matching dog (but now my friend has a professional photo of her white pup taken with Tegan and Sara). Oh, and I got to hang out with them and make awkward small talk and then go to their show at The Norva later that night.

The Murmurs - Blender (copy of the print I had...included Just Because!)

Until next Flashback Saturday...
Rock on, girls.

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