26 March 2013

How Old Are You Today? TWO!

In the beginning...

It's the eve of Tristan's second birthday (though by the time this is read it will be his birthday-day!). I am sitting here happy and content thinking about what to write...........

Tonight he cleaned up all his blocks, grabbed a cracker before bed, and ran around in his alien towel. We read his new book about a Goodnight Train and then had our quiet chat right before I put him down.

He called me "Mamma" (something he can but won't do, preferring instead to tease me by saying "Pa-paaahhhh!") and said, "Happy! Two! Lub ooo!" then blew me a kiss. I'd told him I'd see him when he was two and happy birthday so those were his responses. He's pretty brilliant but he didn't just tell me all that out of the blue. He is saying a lot more lately, though!

Last year I had a very difficult time facing all the traumatic memories of last-year-at-this-time-I-was _____. They call it PTSD. It was (and is) really brutal. After his birthday passed it was as though a cloud lifted and things became much easier. I'm still healing. Opening up and writing about it more has helped.

I'm just so proud of how far he's come and can't wait to see where he goes!

...and in case you were wondering, of course I took a Peep Shot!

I'd say let's start from the beginning but I didn't think to bring The Peep to NICU for all those awesome size-comparison shots. I started them when he came home and instead continued to one year adjusted!

Get your preemie calculator out cuz here we go:

Three - six months actual, OR one - four months adjusted

Seven - 10 mo actual, OR five - eight mo adjusted

11 - 14 mo actual, OR nine - ONE YEAR OLD adjusted!

Presenting my two year old toddler with his Peep. No adjusting. Just actual.

Happy Birthday, Dude. Mamma & Papa love you so much!


  1. Last week, I put aside the bottle of Zoloft...I'm thinking I don't need it anymore...I get it..I get that PTSD thing...and I think I'm doing OK myself as we approach someone else's second birthday! So glad things are going so well! Miss you!

    1. I'm glad to hear you're doing better! That's great! One more month til Miss M's - they're big kids now :) Miss you, too!


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