15 March 2013

Start Hula Hooping

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Hula Hoop Delivery from TetonHoops! Holla!

When I say I love to hula hoop people usually say, ohh, I used to love doing that but I can't anymore. Wrong. Chances are you picked up a hoop while at a Target or Wal-mart, done the wiggle-wiggle and then that piece of bubble-gum scented plastic hit the floor.

Don't worry - you've still got it - you just have the wrong hoop!

Yes, it's true. There is a science to hooping: size based on height and the weight of tubing being the major stats to the equation. You can totally DIY at your local hardware store but this is one craft I prefer leaving to other people; the experts. It's an art.

I did some poking around but couldn't easily find anyone who made them locally so I hit up Etsy..............and then I fell in love. One of the shops had particularly gorgeous hoops - they were covered in fabric instead of tape. Like, twirlable decoupage!

TetonHoops on Etsy will take good care of you and make you the right hoop. 

The woman behind the work is wonderful. She prides herself on making each hoop unique and one-of-a-kind, (like a Cabbage Patch Kid!) and her business ethics are outstanding. I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience. So, please, support her shop if I've convinced you to give hooping another whirl.

It doesn't stop there! She can make KID HOOPS (of course she can - she's magic!)! You can hoop with your little one! Kids love hoops even before they have the skills to work them. They're great for activities. Jumping from one to the other like leapfrog; learning the concept of playing inside and outside the circle; string it up and let them play circus as they toss stuffies through the hoop; turn it into a canopy on a rainy day; or even make a quick chandelier for a party by wrapping Christmas lights around it.

Best of all you can hula hoop into shape. Remember me mentioning math and science and all that nerdy stuff? These hoops you can swing. They're the right size for you to twirl with ease for a long time. I used to play music and see how many songs I could get through before it dropped. You don't have to learn any fancy tricks. Just do it for nostalgic fun...hooping is something you never have to grow out of. Those Toys R Us hoops speak lies...lies, I tell you!

If you find yourself getting further into it, then the sky is the limit. My gimmick was once hooping on roller skates, but that's a story for another time............

This is a MAJOR box...let's open it! C'mon. I'll shake this dazzling jack o'lantern on a stick til you do!

Thank you, Jenna! Mamma and I love our hoops!!!

I was not asked or in any way compensated for writing this review; I just like to share positive consumer experiences when I have them.

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