09 March 2013

Love in Love Park: Flashback Saturday

Love in love park, taking special occasion photos
Let's get married already! I love you, Mr Van D.

This was taken two years ago (almost to the date) right after we got our marriage license at City Hall. We'd visited the Love sculpture after he proposed so I really wanted to take a moment to get another right before our wedding.

I'm sappy for this sign in case that had gone unnoticed...

I'm also sappy over this guy.

Tristan, Mamma LOVES you with hearts and everything!

I'm also sappy over this guy! I hadn't done a weekly shot since the apartment burned down (two weeks prior - and in two weeks he would be born), so I guess this would be my 28th week bump shot? Cheesy heart hands included.

Why not, right?

It's Philly.
It's Love.


  1. This picture ALWAYS pops into my head when I think of you :)

  2. Super sweet. I always wanted to take a pic like that, but best I have is a picture where P. is trying to wriggle out of my arms in tears because she bumped her head in front of these hearts at the sculpture museum... hearts full of hatchets.


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