28 March 2013

My First Attempt at Nail Art

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Betsey Johnson inspired nail art.

What's up with this nail art fad going around? I admit I didn't really get it until last night when I decided to try "vintage roses" by my friend nails_128's tutorials (which can be found here on Instagram). She uses a really pretty mint but since I don't have that color I went with yellow...and when I finished I realized I'd totally channeled my inner Betsey Johnson! Instead of posing with the polish I'm posing with Betsey's travel perfume case so you can see what I mean...right? I have issues.

I'll admit, I'd been curious about nail art for a while and preparing for this moment. While Pinning I'd found a really great tutorial on how to fix a cracked nail which always seems to happen to me. I tried it and wow! it works! There are so many tricks out there. Those cracks are painful but now I know how to fix them in a jiffy.

I also found a really great tutorial for just cleaning up my nails. Color me dumb, but I didn't really know that nail strengthener existed. Maybe it's because I had ultra hard nails until pregnancy. Though I had to wash my hands every five minutes at work so I still had breakage problems.

By the way, who is this Honeymunchkin because I think I love her! I didn't realize until now that both tutorials belong to the same person. annnnd I totally smiled over that second one where she labels each step.

Then, this blogger told me there were three cheap things every nail polish lover should own. I love nail polish! and I do what Pinterest tells me. Purchased! Except I didn't realize it was taking the slow boat from China since I got it off of Amazon Prime (and in my head that means two day shipping when it really just means free shipping)...so I'm still waiting for the stickers but the dotters and brushes came over the past week or two.

Before that Pin I heard about using the head of a pin stuck into an eraser as a dotter. Well, nifty! But what if I wanted bigger dots? Oh, think like a DIY-er and use a flat head nail! I tried that and it was so simple and cute! I got lots of compliments on them when they appeared in pictures I took that nail-cycle. Well, well...who doesn't like a compliment? and my hands appear in the photos I take a lot. Hmm...

I can't imagine what it would have been like if the internet had been around when I was younger. I remember my mom getting her latest copy of Avon Magazine and there were nail pens in it. I freaked out! This was breakthrough beauty technology for the time. She got me two - that I had to wait forever for it seemed - a purple and white pen. They didn't work very well but I loved them! ...well, they might have worked better if my 12 year old heart could have waited for each coat to dry before smooshing my felt tip nail pen into them...

It's almost been 24 hours without a chip. Not bad! 

Just as I finished writing the shiny nail stickers arrived at my doorstep...shazam! What next?

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