05 March 2013

The Bump Magazine - My Pregnancy Diary

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The Bump Magazine Featured My Not-So-Typical Pregnancy Diary in the Philadelphia-area!

For my 701st post here on Urban Flowerpot I wanted to post about my big, big, big day! It was Friday, the day The Bump FINALLY sent me hard copies of their magazine that ran the story of my pregnancy!

I never thought they'd choose my submission (maybe there weren't any others? Hahahh). It was so dramatic I had to change their standard format: pregnant, house burning down, a gift wedding, premature birth! Definitely not your typical diary. Those last three things happened within six weeks.

It's a beautiful, small shiny magazine and I'm totally psyched to have a copy for Tristan's baby box and a couple extras to give to the local businesses I promoted. Oh, and my mom (you know how moms are).

Anyway, it's also available online at The Bump Magazine on page 44.

The Bump has been a huge resource to me for over two years now. It's my favorite. I've learned and shared a lot - and I've met some of my best friends on earth. My Preemie Pen Pals. My main support group outside of The Bump. Thank you, girls. You've helped put my pieces back together and I appreciate all the support you continue to give me (it's a rumor that we only sit around talking about preemie issues - c'mon, we even have a book club now!).

Thank you to everyone at TB - especially Rebecca for being a fantastic help in getting me this pretty little sentimental thing. Thank you, also, for taking a chance on me and preemie moms everywhere by spotlighting my unique situation. It's a reminder that we have to plan and prepare for surprises.

If you're a premature parent I highly recommend either finding or starting a support group; in an upcoming post I will walk you through the steps on how to do that.

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