21 March 2013

The Joys of Boys

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When he wakes up from nap we read a book together before jumping back into the day.

I am so happy to be a boy mom. If I'd had a girl I'm certain I'd be saying that she is the best ever (naturally). But  I'd always said if I ever had a baby - I'd want a boy. When I got pregnant we thought he was a boy (and so did everyone else except for two girl-guessers). There was this girl I worked with who claimed she could tell by putting her hands on my belly and feeling the energy. She said, BOY! I thought, now I want to have a girl just so you can be wrong. Welllll, it was odd and I'm just being honest.

There is something about little boys. Something magic. People often say they're easier and for a while (long before I had him!!!) I thought that, too. I completely bought into the little girls = high maintenance thought process. CNN ran an article (Who Says Raising Boys is Easier?) about the importance of breaking down the walls of that mindset; it's so well written I'm sharing it; click anywhere on this sentence to read it.

It's been a long time since I've read any parenting books (like back when he was an infant and I thought reading every sleep book ever written would get him to sleep through the night...NOT!). Brandon and I just go with it. We let him have his creative space while giving him realistic boundaries. We love watching his confidence grow and his personality emerge. So, not easier, just different.

My greatest hope is that we raise a good guy...the world needs more.

Oh...and shopping (because that's also super important) is a blast! Little boy stuff is cute! If I feel like I need to buy a frill I get it for myself! Haha, OK, while that's true I also enjoy making bows and rosettes for the little girls I know.

He fits; our little-dude-missing-puzzle-piece.

Let's hear it for the boys!


  1. I don't know if you ever found your way to the post, but I wrote about how when I was preggo with P., I wanted a boy SO badly and when I was preggo with Bo, I wanted a girl SO badly. Oddly, I got both, just in reverse. I'm interested to see what our boy will bring (right now it's mostly drool) but we've just tried to let P. follow her own path. That path is lined with princess dinosaurs, party dresses, monster slaying, and jumping contests.

    My dad says girls are easier in toddlerhood and childhood, boys are easier in the pre-teen years, and children are equally awful when they're in their teens!

    1. No, I haven't seen that one yet, but I'm sure I will! I forgot that we did want a girl quite badly because we had a name picked out forever and B even wrote a fairy tale for her. Aww.

      I think toddler/early childhood is a toss up but I was drawn more to boys (I worked in early ed for over 10 years). They were a little more...hyper, but the girl cliques were starting at 4/5! I was so surprised.

      But we shall see, my friend! Who.knows!

  2. And looking at the article, I have to laugh. My take is that at least a girl can only get pregnant once - a boy could go out and get four or fourteen girls pregnant!

    1. Yyyyyyikes. Well, that is one way to look at it!


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