02 March 2013

What Did John Davidson Have to Do with MICE ON ICE?

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Figure skating mice? That's an incredible throwback!

Since we have mice darting around our apartment right now - I thought I'd bring this picture out again ::jazz hands:: It's me, in all my figure skating glory back in 198-! I don't remember what song we skipped around to but it was probably Jingle Bells (Christmas show).

Here's some crazy trivia about the rink I grew up ice skating in: John Davidson announced all our ice shows and events. Yeah, THE JOHN DAVIDSON! That's Incredible! Actually, it's not super incredible because his daughter skated there as well. He was a lot younger than his current website shows (in case you like on that link). He was more like this...

That's Incredible! John Davidson you haven't aged a bit!

Anyway, I loved that mouse costume and my fuzzy boot covers. We had to draw our colors out of a bowl. I didn't want to be orange. I've since gotten over it.


  1. This is making me want to find and post some of my old dance costume pics!


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