04 April 2013

Do You See What I See...

childs first drawing, children and art supplies, giving toddlers access to pens and art
Snapshot of a drawing. Don't ask about the scanner because I tried to "fix" it.

...is what I asked Brandon when I told him about how Tristan's art has been evolving. I showed him his latest piece and then he said, Do you mean the palm tree on the beach with the sun, sky, and sunset? Yeah, I see it. What a funny guy. YES! That is exactly what I saw.

I mean, who knows, really - but, do you see it what we see or are we just crazy parents (or both!)?

He usually wants to draw once a day with these fantastic pens Papa got him as a surprise. They are his current preferred medium. But first it was dots and scribbles. Then more precise dots. Now the scribbles are becoming more complex and he's using more colors.

We keep his art pad and approved non-painting stuff where he can reach it. He'll come over to me while I'm working and say, "Draw. I draw." I help him get set up and then return to what I'm doing (he creates better when given space). He becomes animated and talks up a storm. No clue what he's saying most of the time but it's so cute! He's telling a story even if it isn't a sunset every time.

I pretend to keep working but I'm really just melting in that mommy-loves-you-to-squishy-pieces way.

He puts the caps back on. The pens back in the jar, the crayons in the box. Then he puts them back leaving the art pad out for me to date and hang.

What a funny guy, indeed.


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