01 April 2013

Easter Basket Treats and a DYE PSA

easter basket ideas
Hello, Easter basket in the light...

easter basket ideas
Good night Easter basket in the dark!

I had fun with Tristan's basket this year! I had fun last year, too, but he was too little to notice...and the Easter before that we were in NICU. Wow, this is his third Easter? ::thud::

Instead of using that annoying grass I filled one of the baskets we had hanging around with a fun spring chick garland.

His eggs contain a Peep each except for a mystery egg with a fluffy puffy toy chick inside. There is a hopping rabbit and a Hape Dune Buggy car. Carrot bubbles. The book was put out by H&M and is filled with fun art. I thought the elephant was a bank so imagine how excited I was when I saw it on sale and allowed myself a closer look (I'd only peeked the price tag before - EEK!) only to find that it LIGHTS UP! and was $3 down from $20. Sweet.

His Alabama Grandma sent some treats, too, that will magically appear midday ^-^

On another note I feel it is important to give this particular PSA: if your child jumps out of the bathtub and then zooms through a wall of black/blue/white leftover birthday streamers it will dye your child! Dead serious. Tristan has black and blue stripes and a dot on his nose - and YES it stains their skin. FUN! It was hysterical, though, and I'm glad I'm not the sort to get in a tight bundle about how he'll look in pictures. It will be something we'll never forget. But! consider yourself PSA'ed!

Let's keep track:
  • dyed him red with kool-aid
  • dyed him black and blue with streamers

I'm on a roll...........

Hope it was a Happy Easter! xx

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  1. Cute basket - and I miss the days when it was easy to keep gobs of candy out of the house. The basket we made for P. had just a little nice chocolate. Bo of course, got baby things, though P. begged me to get Peeps for him so he could share. But then at the Easter egg hunt we ended up with gobs of candy and then relatives came with gobs of candy, and there's still Easter again on May 5, eek!


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