09 April 2013

How to Paint Daisies on Your Nails

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...while staying sane about it. Easy nail art!

I went for another adventure in nail-art-land over the weekend. My friend who does Instagram tutorials started a YouTube Channel and she's really good. The videos are short, clear and the designs are good for beginners (like me) or people who aren't into painting Picasso on each nail (also like me).

I'm finding this a fun thing to do in the evening after I put Tristan to bed and I just want to zone out and catch up on my online shows (hello, Survivor-addict). I'm usually fried by his bedtime and have a case of writer's block.

Another thing I discovered this weekend was indie nail polish! Say what? You mean, I don't have to find my occasional fancy color at Sephora-only? Uhmmm, K, so I wasn't hip to this knowledge. But now I am! There isn't a difference in price, either, so next time I can treat myself I'm going to explore a little more. Like, maybe one from Enchanted Polish. The colors are fun and I admit I'm a sucker for the name.

In the meantime you can see I used one "higher end" color and the rest were less than $2 each. I think a better topcoat is what makes the bigger difference.

So check her out:

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