10 April 2013

YO! Gonna Gonna Die Foofa!

I'm so absurdly proud of Tristan bashing Foofa to death last night. I've been shoving this video under anyone's nose who will watch. Don't get me wrong, I love Foofa sometimes she gets on my nerves but in general I like the puppet.

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Foofa: she likes flowers, animals, and singing.

It's just...the other day Tristan was looking for something.

The only time he cares about stuffies is when he is holds a convention in his crib for an hour before he finally falls asleep. So when he wanted to open The Stuffie Crypt (AKA stuffed animal dust protector box) I was like, whatever, maybe he likes them now. Dig, dig, dig...FOOFA! Well, my stars, there she was. She is usually in the crib so I don't know how she crept into the crypt.

He tossed her into the coliseum. and that was that.
Oh, he also gave her a round of applause.

One of my favorite times of the day is bedtime. That sounds terrible, but what I love about it is the quiet snuggles, the sweet byeeee he calls out after me, and the kisses I get blown. He never gets upset. I just jinxed myself, right? Our apartment is small so I can hear him through the cracked door as I come out to work on my laptop. I love listening to him.

Then Brandon came out and said, is he in there chanting? like.......growling? Well, I'll be gosh-darned he was. I think it had been going on a while because the chant was on loop in my brain.

Brandon went back out to the living room while I did what mommies do: spied. What was he doing in there?? His back was towards me and the room was dim. I saw a pink silhouette rise and fall. Oh! He has Foofa! Wait, what?


and with that Foofa did her smash of death dance into the crib mattress. Was I awake?

I watched a few more rounds before I got my camera.

There's no way he'll do it again. But his little crib critters were high on fluff and he was fueled by the frenzy.

Good night, Foofa. Better luck next time!

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