03 May 2013

Mason Jar Lids for Moms

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How to Jazz Up Your Mason Jar with a Lid!

Honey, did you know parmesan cheese shaker lids fit some mason jars??!

No. Why would we need to do that?

I don't know. I can't think of a single reason. But it's so neat!

These conversations are about as close to Pinterest as my husband gets. Or, as close as he knows. He reaps a lot of the benefits of Pins-in-action without knowing it. Other times when he hasn't liked a meal he's known. Did you find this on Pinterest? BUSTED! or even worse: no, I thought of it myself. Whoops.

I save parmesan containers so all of the lids already have mates. They're great for quiet time with Tristan. Need him to focus? Get out the container with toothpicks, dump it out and let him put them all back through the holes (or with pom-poms, buttons, etc). It quietly refocuses him.

Well today I wanted to drink some generic diet cola from a mason jar because it feels so rustic and summery. I happened upon a lid and put it on......tah-dah! It doesn't have to be repurposed as a spice container. It can be an adult sippy cup!

Do I think I'm the first one to think of this? Of course not. But it felt like it for a minute...

Oh, and in case you missed it I wrote a guest post and was the first featured writer over at Mom Meet Mom this week. The app will be going live soon so if you want to meet moms in your area spread the word! It's genius! http://blog.mommeetmom.com/

Hope everyone has a great weekend and finds a moment to try out this fantastic idea...

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