06 May 2013

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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Let's Get Colorful!

With the weather warming up (and before it gets too warm) I've been trying to get outside as much as possible. Since we live in a concrete jungle without a backyard I have to get a little creative. I know going up and down the porch steps is tons of fun and all, but he'll eventually get tired of it.

I'd made a huge batch of bathtub paint using a modified recipe I found here and because it's so similar to the chalk paint recipes I've seen I figured it was worth trying my recipe out. It still hasn't rained here but I have a theory that the modified bath paint version will wash away easier so my landlord doesn't come knocking.

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

  • 1/3 c. dollar store liquid soap
  • food coloring
  • cornstarch 
Mix enough cornstarch in to get a thicker consistency. I found the original recipe way too watery so I kept adding and adding until it was blended smoothly and opaque. The stuff is cheap - go nuts. I got him a set of five paint brushes for a dollar at the [guess where].

We used about half of each color and by storing it in a [peanut] jar we're able to easily save the rest for another time. In fact, I made this about a month ago but stuff kept happening and since it was sealed tightly it didn't matter. I just had to remix the colors because the ingredients had separated. If you make it in the muffin tin like its suggested you'll have to use it immediately. 

Anyway, this stuff rocks and dries looking just like chalk! Have fun!


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