16 July 2013

Big Kid Bed Chaos

What happens when you take one side off the crib? CHAOS.

The night went like any other night. Tristan rarely has issues with taking a nap or going to bed: he plays quietly then sleeps. So there was no reason for me to expect anything different when I put him to bed last week. Night night! we blew mmmmmWAHHH! kisses.

About 45 minutes later, as I was sitting here writing I heard the bedroom door close loudly and thought huh, that's kinda loud, Bran. The padded footsteps paused and I felt reading over my shoulder. What you doOOo-in? What's that, what you doin? Then - OOOOooooooooooohhhh! OO! OH! WEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! as he realized we party after "night night".

Well, shoot. There went my plans to have him help me take the side off the crib with tools and have a big to-do of re-decorating in a Big Boy Motif. Instead Brandon held a squirming and SUPER EXCITED Tristan while I whirled the annoying little Ikea-screw-driver-crank round & round. Am I doing this right?? I'd only glanced at the manual online since it was a hand-me-down but score that it is also a convertible.

OK, done. Now Tristan I know we've had 6.3 minutes to explain this but this is where you sleep now: right here in your mutilated crib! You're psyched right? RIGHT!

...and was he ever! It has been 24 Hour Party People over here ever since. My cuticles are bleeding. My house is a mess. I mopped, though, but only because my feet stuck to the floor. Dust bunnies. Not much writing. I haven't OCM'ed in like FOUR DAYS (!!!!!!!!!!). I have turned to energy drinks. I sent my best friend a package that looked like a badger got loose with a roll of packing tape. Then the guy at the post office scolded me for it. I might have growled.

This was Sunday night (exactly one week after we took the side off). So you'll see that while we haven't made much progress he has become more creative. I mean he built a bed on the floor out of our bedding (remember, we all share a room here)! I'd sleep there! Oh wait, I DID! We were going to leave him after clearing most of that away but a few minutes later we heard a squawk. He'd rolled UNDER THE CRIB! We didn't even know he fit there. We were like oh my gosh he's GONE!

 Ughhh, but our hearts just melt over and over giving us energy and hope for the next day.

For his nap today he chose to sleep like me.

Which brings us to tonight's Night Night. He has his blankie, his fox, and I've heard him moving things around. I wish I had a submarine scope so I could slide it through the keyhole and see but I also don't want to ruin the surprise. This is the only time a video monitor would have helped - otherwise it's been so convenient living in a treehouse apartment.

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Disclaimer: exceptionally tired so the above might contain gibberish.

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