22 July 2013

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

perler bead deer, hama stag
Plastic Stag: Mount THIS on the wall!

I'm hiding out while Tristan and I do The Cribless Dance. 

...and then Tristan figured out how to open our bedroom door.

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So anyway as I was writing that Tristan emerged from behind me. Ooohhh...he sighed at the deer. Hmmm...I locked him back up.

It's Brandon's vacation from work (not school, though) so we've been spending a lot of time together as a family and taking naps. NAPS! Yes, lots of those. Tristan's nighttime adventures have slowed down but I don't want to say too much about it yet because I'll jinx it.

My brother and sister-in-law had a boy cousin for Tristan (how thoughtful!). He's super handsome and I'm very happy for both of them. Congratulations!

I've been reading like crazy. I finished Divergent for a book club I'm in and fell crazy for it! It was on a read-fast-before-the-movie-comes-out list. No problem! I couldn't put it down.

Then, at night, Bran and I have been watching the first two seasons of "Game of Thrones" - and we've both started reading the first book as well. We're avoiding spoilers at all cost but that can be tricky when you're so far behind.

It can be done, though. Like, I just read the Twilight Saga and all I knew about it was there were two characters named Bella and Edward and one was a vampire and one probably wasn't and they were most likely in love. I heard a Justin Bieber song for the first time ever a couple months ago and not again since. My point is I can submerge my head pretty deep into the sand when I want.

I am curious, though. For those who have read Game of Thrones - do you still enjoy the show? So far it's so precise that it's like reading the screenplay. I'm only a quarter into it, though.

After we finish our marathon I'll return to watching Angel and working away at some new charms for my Etsy shop that I hope to reopen sometime this week.

Other things to look forward to are another giveaway and a new tutorial both involving glitter (YES!) and another Secret Shopper Indie Polish Review. If you've missed the other two you can find them here and here.

OH! I almost forgot! I built furniture! all by myself! I'm so flipping proud. Like cartwheel flipping! I've never done that before and found I really enjoyed it. Except when Tristan came to "help" - you know by swishing the screws with his jazz hands. Otherwise it was relaxing.

Tah - dahhh! For the first time since the fire (two and a half years ago) I have a dresser for my clothes!!!!! YAH!

I love the one with the mirror - and the dresser is actually a little taller with two extra drawers!

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