10 July 2013


This was also a giveaway but I have removed that part because it is over but the review still stands: THIS IS AWESOME!

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Inside My Preemie App: Review

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to test-drive My Preemie App, so let me disclaimer my review right away: I was provided a code for the app. All opinions are my own and I received no other compensation.

...though I'd become an official spokesperson if I could! and I can in a way...let's get to it because if you (or anyone you know) has a preemie you'll want this for sure. Right after the review there will be a giveaway to one lucky-lucky. I won't be offended if you scroll down and enter immediately because I'm sure you can tell I'm super-stoked.

First, this app is brought to you by the good people who wrote Preemies: The Essential Guide to Parents of Premature Babies. In preemie circles this is also known as THE PREEMIE BIBLE! I don't know a single parent who hasn't turned to this book and found everything they needed to know then gone on to gift their copies to new preemie moms or recommend it immediately. That is how I knew this app would be thorough. I wasn't disappointed and I want you all to see it so this post will be image heavy.


There is only one deterrent to My Preemie App: it seems pricey at first. It's pricier than any other app I've bought for my phone (though it was recently lowered to $4.99!) so I can see people shying away from that: but now that I've seen and used it that is a great deal! It's basically a reference book and diary in one. It's totally worth every penny so don't fret if you don't win because you can purchase this app with confidence.

Time to review My Preemie App:

Let's get started. So this is best for preemie parents ASAP! but you can jump in anytime during your NICU stay or even after you come home and want to keep track of life (because NICU might end at discharge but life with your preemie/s has just begun!)...if I'd had this app I'd still be using it two years later because there are ways to tweak it so you don't have to stop. It's very adaptable! There is always an option to add your own category.

The only thing I couldn't tweak was the year Tristan was born...so my screen shots will look a little wonky. Just add two years to whatever you see!

Each day you can make note of who your nurse is - helpful for when you're trying to remember what happened a few days earlier but can't remember who your nurse was because everything has become a blur! You can add multiple photographs and include the weather. Here, Tristan was painting!


There are many emotions to choose from but you can also add your own! I added "anxious" because testing this app was reminding me of how I felt at the time. Old emotions were rising to the surface. However, I'm also content at this point in my life. You can choose multiple feelings!


This is what a diary entry looks like when you're done. You can click edit as many times as you want and return to a previous day if you want to add/change something.


Here is a mix of NICU/current stuff. I brought up Kangaroo Care because that is one of my fondest memories. I also mentioned that we painted - and yes, it's true, he had a tantrum that day!


Closer look to show you how you can make this app grow with your child. You can add categories to select. I added "activity" which I can now select at random. It won't appear daily - just when I choose to. I included more details about our day in the notes section.


My biggest question when I saw this was will it fall into an app-abyss?!?!?! What happens to all your hard work? THIS! You can easily share your day on FB (great for updating everyone at once) and you can delete things you don't want to share before posting (I don't like to include breastfeeding in multimedia - except blogging - and so when I did a trial share with my Facebook friends I deleted my clogged duct issues for the day. If you don't want to share with the masses, e-mail selectively. I LOVE THIS!


Remember when I said it was also like a reference book? Check it out!


When you're new to NICU - you're new! What are they talking about? Look it up! It took me several days before I realized that they were telling me Tristan was getting doses of CAFFEINE. I seriously thought I was delusional.


CHECKLIST! They really thought of everything, right? I got all the things they suggested, but sadly I forgot to get take one of Tristan's first diapers and I've been beating myself up ever since. Once again you can edit this page so I added "diaper" and of course it isn't checked off - but! I still hope to get my hands on one for his NICU treasure box. It seems silly but I was so used to seeing those tiny diapers at the time I thought I'd always remember...except I don't. His size 2's look TEENY! and those are HUGE! Comparatively.


No comments needed: NICU parent brains need reminder lists.


STATS. Update daily or as needed.

While doing this review we had a major milestone occur: Tristan vaulted out of his crib so we had to convert it to a toddler bed that same night! I was able to edit it that night to keep track of our progress and include another picture for the day that was totally unrelated. 


Transitioning from the crib was hard and I wanted to remember the way I felt at the time because I know it will seem like no big deal one day...it was the first milestone I felt that came without warning so I wasn't prepared. I cried later that night, mourning the loss of one of the few remaining 'baby' things about him. He did great the rest of the day so we celebrated with a glow-in-the-dark bath and I'm feeling much better. I just needed that moment.

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  1. I am a little disappointed you apparently can not get this app for a droid or any other smart phone besides a iPhone or Ipad. Was hoping I cold get it.

  2. Hi Anon: she's having trouble posting so I'm helping :)

    Hi - this is Dana, one of the co-creators of MyPreemie.
    First, a HUGE thank you to Urbanflowerpot for this incredibly perceptive review! You all belong to a special community.

    To Anonymous, I'm sorry, too, that MyPreemie isn't available in android yet. Once it takes off, we should be able to start development on that platform, too. To be honest, we couldn't make both investments at the same time. I hope NICU parents will learn about MyPreemie quickly and we'll be able to do a Droid version!

  3. This would be AMAZING. I am a foster mom and this site would be SO helpful to me. I would LOve to win! Thanks!!!! Kay

  4. Good luck! I'm about to draw the winner now - but if not, I hope you'll still get it. Such a great thing!


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